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I ’m Amu, the founder of AMUTORCH. One night in 2008, night riding became my hobby. In order to find a suitable illumination tool, I started to learn how to select a flashlight. My first flashlight was very cheap and its output and quality were extremely low of course. It couldn’t meet my night riding needs at all. Then I bought a second flashlight. It was much better than my previous light in all respects except the price. Its price is ten times that of the previous flashlight. That night, I was sleepless. I believed I could make a flashlight that could better meet the demands of my rider friends at a more affordable price. The first flashlight that I made with all my efforts was well received by riders. At that moment, I realized that I became obsessed with flashlights. And so AMUTORCH was born ---
AMUTORCH, make flashlights for fans with heart and soul.